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Until this time, our company remained silent as it was in the development phase.

Without knowing or knowing about us, comments that will disparage us are made in virtual and real environments.

We made the necessary interviews with these friends in real life. we informed them.

Now we wanted to inform you, our dear friends.


Many slanders are thrown into our applications, such as viruses.

and different methods are used for you, valuable people, by denigrating these practices.

I want to call you, dear users of virtual media right away.

For example first references

1-) Attribution by Speakychat = "Ayrs system exe application is a virus. Those who enter cannot enter our system. Many false statements are used as we have to protect our system."

Answer = Ayrs System technologies LTD. ŞTİ. Although it is the corporate firm of the state, it has an office in Sakarya.

2-) Attribution by Speakychat = "The agent of the panelist going to Ayrs system will be deleted. And it will not be opened again."

Answer = Ayrs works on e-invoice system and invoices are issued specifically for each product. In other words, since it is a corporate company of the state, you can convey your complaints about the product to consumer rights and call your right.

Important note = You can complain about the fees they receive by saying permanent authorization. This is Dictatorship. As for the reason. A fee is charged for each authorization. A new authorization is issued 2 months after the amount received. you have to buy it again. it does not exist in any place and article of this law. It is obviously a fraud. We sell chat platforms License (accountID), the number of people and the number of rooms determine its price. not the features in it. do not crush yourself.

Regards Ayrs Management.